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From a young boy I have always enjoyed drawing. My first memory of receiving feedback on something I’d put pen to paper on was at primary school, when my teacher couldn’t believe how well I’d drawn a digger (I was 5 at the time!). From there, I explored drawing people, cartoons, and throughout school art and graphics quickly became my favourite subject. 

I chose to study art and design at Kingston University, covering a broad range of artistic methods and subjects. I realised that illustration was something that I really enjoyed and wanted to explore. I studied Illustration at Southampton Solent University and my final major project led me to discover a passion for drawing buildings and doing justice to their architectural details. 

After University in 2014, I travelled Italy by train with my sketchbook – perhaps the most enriching experience I’ve had in terms of learning what it was that I wanted to invest my time in. It was the elaborate details within the renaissance buildings that I particularly found captivating. I wanted to draw all of them! 

Since then, I’ve produced many intricate pieces of work and I learn something new every time. A question I get asked a lot is how long it takes me to complete a drawing – I have spent upwards of 200 hours on one piece, I still find it funny to say that back at times, but I find the process meditative. Nothing can beat the feeling of finishing a piece though and looking for the next building to draw. 

I like to bring details of buildings to other’s attention, capturing as much as my eye can see. I would describe my style as traditional, due to the fine line work, but with a contemporary twist. I achieve this by injecting hints of colour and at times, gold leaf. I also add a great deal of depth to my drawings through the use of shadows and tone. These are my signature methods. 

I regularly exhibit at UK based art fairs and continue to produce new original artworks while releasing new limited edition prints. I have worked commercially for architects and interior designers, plus I have drawn/painted house commissions, wedding venues and buildings for all types of clients.
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